Monday, March 06, 2006

Wool hits France

George and Ray Ray are in France. Bordeaux to be precise. They are very excited, never been abroad before. It's just like they say, baguettes, jam, beurre.

Day one: George gets some sun and nods off.

He really wants to go boogieboarding, but doesn't have a wetsuit.

George gets forced into some reading, but finds himself nodding off again. Hard to stay awake on holiday.

More napping, on the beach now. Lovely.

George realises just how little he is.

Very small.

So he buries Ray Ray to make himself feel better.

George is baffled by this pain thing. What does it mean, he wonders, why do they have pain shops all over the place.

Off to see the pine trees. French cars are very nice.

Taller now.

Back in time to see the sunset. Le sunset.

So tired, want to go home, but can't get off the chair.

Went to the bathroom to brush teeth and somehow ended up in the scary cupboard. Freaked out man.