Saturday, November 25, 2006

In the spirit of sharing

Please have a look here at Boris Hoppek's site. He's mental. George and Ray Ray were freaked out and curious at the same time. Look here too, we like Pete F. He a nice man.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pictoplasma, Berlin, October 2006

Here are photos taken by George + Ray Ray on our recent trip to Berlin for the Pictoplasma character animation conference. Ray Ray decided he was going to document Berlin, with the help of George to point the camera in the right direction. Go see more at the Pictoplasma website (click Enter Conference then View Image Gallery).

The middle of Berlin.

The Slayer tribute band

Simon. The Airside keyring, not the man.

Boris Hoppek's people in their car ad. George was envious.

We got thrown out the shop by a very grumpy man because George took this picture of Fred browsing records.


A 9-piece Balkan balalaika band. The man on the left is a brain surgeon. And all of them got their instruments from the grandmother of one of them. She used to have her own all-lady balalaika band.

George wonders why.

This is Pictoplasma.

This is Checkpoint Charlie. Is that Charlie?

This is Kreuzberg.

This is still Kreuzberg.